The 5yMail International Inc - 5yMail proudly supports multiple payment options for our users and customers. The official supported and integrated payment solution is securely provided by Paypal (pay with Paypal account, credit/debit card) via Paypal payment gateway. The alternative payment way to pay with Credit/Debit card, Google Pay and etc via Stribe payment gateway. Moreover, the payment with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin(BTC), DogeCoin and etc., Amazon Gift Card and etc., are also accepted.

PLEASE USE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PAYMENT OPTIONS (One-Time Payment, no auto-renewal or auto-charged...)


1. Paypal's Integrated Payment

User can make payment by the Paypal account or credit/debit cards via Paypal gateway. This payment method already integrated with 5yMail, the 5yMail account will be activated automatically after the payment.

2. Paypal's Direct Payment

3. Stribe's Integrated Payment


If your account is not yet activated after the payment, please email your 5ymail username to us:

4. BitCoin (BTC)

5. DogeCoin

6. Amazon Gift Card